Photo by Hanna Besirevic

Photo by Hanna Besirevic

Charlie’s love affair with glasses began when she was prescribed her first pair aged 8 and continued throughout a myopic adolescence. After completing studies in History of Art, she worked at One Eyed Films, promoting Brazilian cinema both in Brazil and internationally. She then started work at luxury eyewear brand Cutler and Gross, swiftly becoming their vintage manager. In buying vintage frames to inspire the company’s designers, and benefiting from the exceptional expertise of head designer Marie Wilkinson, she developed an exhaustive knowledge of the history of spectacles. Working at Cutler and Gross also allowed her to hone the skill of matching a customer with their perfect frame, a dedicated and meticulous process. Tony Gross was not only a close friend and mentor, who taught her the fine art of eyewear design, but also introduced her to the world of Soho in all its grit and glory; hence the name SohoBespoke.

Charlie has always worked in the world of fashion and design. After moving to Paris in 2008 she helped to establish the production company Bellanopolis Pictures, making fashion films for clients like Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue and Pop Magazine. Paris Fashion Week saw her lend her talents to Women’s Wear Daily, overseeing their photographic and web content. In Paris she sourced more vintage frames, expanding both her glasses collection and her understanding of the history of design, finding endless inspiration in flea markets and museums. As a connoisseur of eyewear, Charlie was constantly asked by friends and acquaintances to help them find frames that fit properly. It became apparent that there was a need for a company specialising in custom-made frames and offering expert advise. Thus was born the idea for SohoBespoke; her own bespoke eyewear studio.

Having widened her knowledge of the fashion industry and gained the business skills to found her own company, she returned to London with the aim of making Soho Bespoke a reality. Working as design assistant for Jesse Stevens at Fish Island Designs at the inspiring setting of Algha Works in Hackney Wick, the only metal eyewear factory in the UK, she learnt the intricacies and technicalities of the process, designing glasses for Alexander McQueen, Claire & Oliver Goldsmith, Roland Mouret and more. 

Her love and knowledge of glasses set against her professional background in fashion provide the foundations on which she has built her made-to-measure eyewear company. But, most importantly, she understands the need to find a frame that is comfortable in its fit; that feels like an organic part of the wearers face. This principle underpins all the work done by SohoBespoke.