How it Works

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This unique experience is a five-stage service taking place over 4-8 weeks.


1. Initial meeting: The first step is a meeting at which we measure all of your facial features. We come with a carefully curated, inspirational collection of frames for you to try in order to determine which styles you prefer and which best complement your personality. During this meeting we will also discuss your preference regarding the material for the frames, be it acetate or buffalo horn*.


2. Design: We design 3 or 4 different styles, illustrations of which are emailed to you for your consideration.


3. Prototyping: Depending on how the client feels, any or all of the styles (fronts only) are laser cut out of wood at our workshop in London. There is a second meeting for you to try on the prototypes. At this stage we can adjust the design for added comfort and fit. Holding something tangible up to the face can help you reach a final decision.


4. Making the frame: The frame is beautifully hand crafted in the UK in our dedicated workshop.


5. Final Meeting: There is a final meeting at which we bring you the finished, hand-crafted frames. If need be, we make any necessary final adjustments.  All that remains is for you to wear them. The process is complete.


*The use of horn in contemporary eyewear is unique. Its natural hypoallergenic qualities make it more comfortable as well as lighter than acetate. The horn is ethically sourced Water Buffalo Horn (Bubalus Bubalis) only available after the natural demise of the animal. The horn is steam treated and kiln dried to preserve the inherent strength of the material. Each pair of glasses is precision laser cut from the same plate of horn, ensuring that each pair of SohoBespoke horn frames have entirely unique markings and colouring.